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Andreas Canyon - Palm Springs, CA

April 29, 2007
Rock formation at Andreas Canyon

  • Easy, 1 mile (est.) round-trip hike in Indian Canyon
  • $8.00 adult entrance fee to Indian Canyons which includes access to Palm Canyon and Murray Canyon
  • Please see links below for a full list of fees, times and tips.
You can play at the creek or hop boulders under the palms, but the real draw of Andreas Canyon is best appreciated on the gentle grade of its 1/2 mile trail. There, you will view the contrast between a string of lush, green fan palms clustered along the creek set against massive, dark rock formations and yellow desert mountains in the distance.

  • From 111 and Washington
  • Take 111 West into Palm Springs
  • 111 turns into East Palm Canyon Drive
  • Before reaching a turn in the road that turns East Palm Canyon Drive to Palm Canyon Drive, you will see a sign for South Palm Canyon Drive. Watch out for the sign or you may miss it. Start looking for it once you get so close to the mountain that you feel the road is about to end.
  • Turn South (left) into South Palm Canyon Drive
  • Take this road for 3 miles
  • Signs will appear at about mile 3 leading you to the Indian Canyons toll gate.
  • Location Map
Details with times, tips and fees
Site with a nice slideshow

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